Outpost for marine research and accommodation in Bangka Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia


Coral Eye is a young company operating in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, as an outpost for tropical marine divulgation.

Coral Eye project came to life in 2009 blossoming out of the dreams and passions of four young marine biologists. Their paths were unintentionally entwined under the Indonesian sea and bonded by a love for nature. Everything happened by chance, without a clear idea of what Coral Eye would have became.

The original idea was to create a place where communication and ideas were exchanged and where Universities and students could find what they needed to develop their project.

Since 2013, thanks to the potential construction, the founders versatility and the management team, Coral Eye has became a magical resort.

Today Coral Eye is not only a marine biology outpost, a centre to study tropical marine environment, bu also a meeting place to relax mind and body, a landmark for scuba divers and photographers and last but not least a place where listen and narrate story about people, journey, nature and soul.

Thanks to the continuous flow of tourists this magical place expand every year and thanks to their input it always chancing in better, but the real substance and value at the base of Coral Eye remain the same year after year.

Every year there is the possibility to offer scholarships for young marine biologists that they can work while studying and carrying on with their projects research on site.