Outpost for marine research and accommodation in Bangka Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Bangka Island Conservation Fund:

Bangka Conservation Fund - BCF was created few years ago by resorts on and around Bangka to fundraise and, together, look after Bankga’s community and ecosystem.

  • Fight against illegal mining activity.
  • Develop social project for the island people.
  • Manage sustainable tourism and diving operations around the archipelago.

Each guest staying on Bangka is asked to donate 100.000 IDR (approx. 6.50 Euro) during their stay. At the end of every month we report our income and every resort votes on how to spend it.

Since the beginning BCF was our tool to fight a illegal mining project on the island, that since 2011 threaten Bangka Island's envorinment, sea and local comunity. In July 2015, after almost four years of fight, the last court case was finally won in the supreme court of Jakarta and a verdict ordering to the company to stop all the mining activity on the island and to ship away all the equipment was issue. Today, B.C.F. still fight in order to apply this verdict, throw out the mining company and bring back the mining area to the original beauty.

Thank you for your help and support,

Blue Bay, Coral Eye, Murex, Nomad Divers, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort and Sea Souls.